Yareli Salgado Pliego. Puebla 2009.

Si yo tuviera el papote en el mar de Coca
Tocaría a tus labios
Jajaja entramos los tacos
¡Qué rico!
Soy la cebolla y el cilantro encima de tu carne
Nosotros dos nos acostamos en la tortilla
Comimos, comimos y comimos
Llenamos de salsa
Tu salsa gota adentro de mi
Mi salsa corre y corre hacia mis piernas
Mi salsa corre en tu boca



Estoy fatigada
¿por qué estoy aquí?
me molesta todo
me pone triste cuando pienso en mi existencia


Yo veo a la gente feliz
digo a mismo:
"¡no puedes ser!
hago lo correcto diario
¿y mi pago? pura locura"



At times I front like I don't want you
My first true love
My lust at first sight
The person that makes me second guess who I am
I wish that you didn't exist

I remember the nights when "My Immortal" comforted me
Memories of a sadder time
Memories of how I hurt
You left
I never knew if you cared
Sometimes I want to ask you
But I always get scared

Can't recall if I cried
I know I sighed
Many times I sighed
There were only two kisses
They made my world topsy turvy

I miss you
I watched you sleep
That made me happy
Your precious

19 February 2009


I am a leader
I'm passive
I'm not so obvious
Do they even notice?
Do they even care?
Do they even know that I make them believe what they hear?
Martyrdom? I doubt it,
But anything is possible
Lead I shall
They chose me

16 February 2009


I believe in purity
Therefore I believe in myself
I believe in myself
I believe in myself?
I am pure?

22 October 2008


Can you help me to understand you?
I spend the free moments my mind spares thinking of you
I hate myself and I hate you whenever I feel vulnerable
I followed the advice of others and took the risk of wanting you
I think that in a few years we would be ideal for each other
I will be liberated
You would have gained more experience in life
You would have made mistakes
I hope that you would have had failed relationships
And I would have been by your side for support

We would have kissed a lot more
You would have made me cry
We would have smiled

I would have told you that good things are worth waiting for
Maybe with me you would have scored :-)

Here I am
Hanging on to the moments we've shared
Thinking about how wonderful it was to wrap my arms around you
The first time that you laid your head on my chest was heavenly
When you explored my shoulders, my stomach,
When you timidly touched my intimate parts, that was the best feeling ever
Something ran through my body that made me quiver exquisitely

You have a hold on me honey eyes
I like tasting you
I yearn to hold you
I'd like to get wild and kiss you all over
Tears are for lovers
My Dreamboat Andy

26 February 2008


Round and round in circles we go
Each time we disagree
You make me cry
I make you cry
We keep asking ourselves why
But shit!
We keep giving "us" another try
In the silence

3 July 2007