Emotionally distresed I am
I can't let it go
Timing is never right
Time waits on no one
Always need to see it
Always plan how to
Planning is never simple
What we think we need is somewhat doubtful
So I'll plan again and again
And it probably won't work out
So distress eats at my heart and mind
Back to where I start


I put scars on my neck
You leave love marks on my breast
Saliva on your lips
Feedback from a good kiss

I taste you when I dream
I still love you when I scream

Leaves of grass
A year has passed

Crying dry tears
We are hiding shared fears

I don't understand you
Too much interference
Tell the mother hen to get a life of her own
I put scars on her neck
No more interference

November 4, 2008


I am underneath the sun
You are underneath me
The rays are on my back
You're back is touching the grass
Our navels face each other
Your skin likes feeling mine
My smile enjoys your lips
Your nose enjoys my kiss
My palms come alive whenever they touch your ass
You come alive just by looking at me
Together we are alive
When apart...


It's not that I don't want to give you my all
I am anticipating the moment that will be near perfection
I'll betray my life to save you
I would like to have a home with you
What else would I need?
I have you, and you need me,
Even if you don't know it as yet.
You want me to be a better person
But that's impossible for me when I feel almost perfect
You are my tender-hearted and well-loved
Any personal changes that I will make, will be to your demise
Balancing our true necessities and dislikes is essential
Many great minds from the past have risen and fall
Some became notorious throughout history
You have on your hands, me, an almost famous mystery

December 5, 2006